Vice overload

If you watch enough Vice you’ll swear the world is burning and someone’s paying people to throw gas on the fire.

Why so mean?

Why do people hate Vin Diesel?

Sitting here waiting for my ride watching chronicles of riddick I wondered why people hate the guy…so I googled it. Mistake.
Just petty unfounded shit. I’m not a huge fan but I surely don’t hate the man.
In a world of rude, arrogant actors and actresses he seems like a nice guy. All the hate I hear about him seems to come from guys. Which just reeks of jealously. Just like pretty women, buff guys are automatically dumb right? He’s a yoked out geek. He wrote a damn D&D book! I’m sure his muscles accounted for a ton of grammatical errors (Sarcasm) Seems like most of his roles must be a dream come true. Its lame that being happy for people is so uncool.

Chevy Chase is a racist old man and he doesn’t receive half the hate Vin Diesel gets :(